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5: Contextual Application


Wiki projects in this section can include things like group event planning, as well as more ambitious activities like service learning projects. Contextual application projects must be framed to support all phases of group work, from the planning and goal-setting phases to closure and the final evaluation of outcomes. 


Adding Your Own Wiki Frames 


After going through this wiki, you may want to add a wiki frame for a project of your own. To do this, click on the "Request Access" link at the top right of this page. An email will be sent to us and we will set you up so that you can add your own pages.


If you are new to wikis, we encourage you to play in our Sandbox to see how they work before creating your own wiki frames.


Sample Contextual Application Wiki Frames


We have provided a sample wiki frame. Feel free to add the wiki frame for your own projects as well. (See Adding Your Own Wiki Frame.)

  • Theory into Practice Wiki - IntegrateIT

    The purpose of this wiki frame is to support connections between theory and practice within a discipline.  In this example (IntegrateIT), users add information on the theory or definition of an instructional technology or method and then post specific examples of applications of the technology in the real world.  Technology Snapshots are added using a template that scaffolds the main topics to be included on each wiki page. 



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