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4: Critical Thinking


Wiki projects in this section are designed to promote critical thinking skills and can range from small case studies to more structured decision-making models. Wikis are particularly suited to supporting critical writing and group research reporting. A wiki project can be framed to help students brainstorm, research, analyze problems, and collaborate to reach thoughtful solutions and decisions. 


Adding Your Own Wiki Frames 


After going through this wiki, you may want to add a wiki frame activity of your own. To do this, click on the "Request Access" link at the top right of this page. An email will be sent to us and we will set you up so that you can add your own pages.


If you are new to wikis, we encourage you to play in our Sandbox to see how they work before creating your own wiki frames.


Sample Critical Thinking Wiki Frames


We have provided a sample wiki frame. Feel free to add the wiki frame for your own projects as well.

  • Pass the Problem 

    The purpose of this wiki project is to involve teams in the process of a.) describing a problem clearly and b.) engaging in problem-solving. 

  • Debates

    The purpose of this wiki project is to allow students to explore opposing sides of an issue by means of a structured dialogue.



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