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1: Intro to Wikis


This page introduces you to wikis and how they work. More detailed information can be found in Chapter 1 of our book. 


What is a Wiki?

A wiki is an online collaborative writing tool. Wikis are one the many Web 2.0 applications that have come online in recent years. Wikis are designed to help groups collaborate, share, and build online content, and are especially useful for use in collaborative online class activities. Wikis promote group writing and editing that is more efficient than forwarding e-mail attachments with tracked changes, since all wiki documents are available for editing and commenting to all group members at all times.


Most of you have heard of Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org), probably the best known wiki. This is an online, collaboratively written encyclopedia. Wikis can also be used in the classroom to support collaborative learning activities such as report writing, media design projects, and more.


Additional Resources


  • To get an idea of how to use a wiki, check out our Sandbox.
  • For a list of different types of wikis, visit wikimatrix.org. This page will open in a new window.


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